Historic Photo Gallery


E.J. Curley Distillery, later renamed Kentucky River Distillery, operated from 1867 to 1968. According to early Sanborn maps there were fifteen major buildings, wagon trails, and cattle sheds on the property.

E.J. Curley Distillery #15, c 1885

Kentucky River Distillery c. 1953

Kentucky River Distillery Employees

Bridge at Camp Nelson 1907

Cattle Sheds at Boone’s Knob

Fermenters at E.J. Curley Distillery

E.J. Curley Distillery

Bridge at Camp Nelson

Public Sale of Distillery, 1918

A Hidden Gem – The Property Today

Kentucky River and Boone’s Knoll

Limestone Cistern

Kentucky River

Hillside Cellar

Ruins of Kentucky River Distillery

Bridge Over Kentucky River

Future plans include a visitor center, nature trails, and a production facility.